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Electric Elevation Pedestal with Remote Control
The remote controlled LX-ePed adds the elevating element to the PTZ camera's pan, tilt and zoom features. This will provide more “Angles of View” , and make setup adjustments easier in studios.
Continuous Speed Adjustment
The speed of the Upper Column is adjustable by tilting the rocker of the Controller.
The slow mode enables fine-tune settings.
Highly Reliable Wire Connection System
The LX-ePed's Controller does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, therefore users can focus on their shoots without worrying about radio wave interreference. In addition, the Controller is PoE powered, so there is no need to connect it to a power source or charge it as well.
V-mount Battery Powered (optional)
By using the optional "VM-12V", the LX-ePed can be powered by any V-mount battery. This allows the pedestal system to be operated at any location.
Compatible with Flat-Base Equipment with a 1/4" or a 3/8" Screw Hole
The included "BL-F" flat-base adapter is compatible with not only PTZ cameras, but also different types of equipment with 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes.
Compatible with Video Heads
By removing the "BL-F", a 100mm ball video head can be mounted on the LX-ePed. In addition, by using the optional "AD-75" adapter ring, a 75mm ball video head can be mounted as well.
Compact Design
The Main Unit and the Dolly/Floor Spreader, which are all foldable, can be separated from each other for easy transportation. The compact Main Unit weighs only 10kg/22.7lb and can be stored in the optional "RC-80" tripod case.
High-Angle Shots
Dynamic high-angle shots can be achieved with the LX-ePed and the LX-ePed Studio's maximum heights of 247cm/97.2" and 261cm/102.7"respectively.
User Friendly Accessory Port
An Accessory Port, which has a 1/4" screw hole and a 3/8" screw hole, is equipped on two of the three sides of the tripod base.
Safety Design
With safety in mind, the electric column is carefully designed to prevent users from pinching their fingers.
Built-in Bubble Level
A bubble level is embedded at the base of the Head Mounting Platform for easy setup.
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