Sliding Plate Range for Camera Balance
The 650EX is equipped with a sliding plate range that allows users to balance their camera even quicker, a key improvement from the previous model's fixed quick shoe.
One-touch Flip Locks
Designed with efficient one-touch flip locks, users can quickly adjust and set their tripod's height between shots and when necessary.
Transport Lock
During transportation, the 650EX tripod legs can be locked into place thanks to the equipped transport lock.
Rubber Foot Pads with Metal Spikes
Designed with quality rubber footpads for most indoor video shoots. When shooting outdoors, the tripod can be firmly planted on the ground by twisting the footpads and exposing the conveniently hidden metal spikes.
Travel Bag Included
The travel bag's hand straps are comfortable and long enough to be used as a shoulder strap, making transportation a walk in the park.
Industry Standard Sliding Plate
The included sliding plate is compatible with select Manfrotto and Sachtler tripods, allowing users to quickly swap between a wide range of camera supports.